Brand New EP!

Artwork for Rhythmic Tales of a Loopy Nature EP by Mick Joyce and The Sonic Gypsies

Rhythmic tales of a loopy Nature

The latest 3-track EP released from the band!

The fearsome four return for a 3-track extended play (EP) which includes their topsy turvy single "Miserable Versus Happy".

This release touts Mick Joyce on vocals and keys, Lorde Fuhl on vocals and groove duty, Graham Tully on thumping bass with Kevin Finnegan dawning the drum throne for a groovy adventure.

Beautifully produced in Graham Tully's humble abode, "Rhythmic Tales of a Loopy Nature" was released on all digital platforms on Sun June 14th.

Credits Where Credit's Due - Rhythmic Tales of a Loopy Nature

 Track Titles

  1. Miserable Versus Happy
  2. Tip Tap Toe
  3. Loopy Silly Song 


    Miserable Versus Happy + Tip Tap Toe

    Basic Song, Words & Concept:

    Written by Mick Joyce with additional words by Lorde Fuhl


    Loopy Silly Song

    Basic Song & Words:

    Written by Lorde Fuhl with additional words by Mick Joyce

    Dark, Ambient, Soundscape Concept:

    Written by Mick Joyce/Graham Tully



      Lovingly Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Graham Tully in his Studio residing in Skerries, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Also at “Colm’s Sonic Pad”  Ratoath, Co. Meath, Ireland.

      All Arrangements 

      • Mick Joyce 
      • Graham Tully 
      • Many MJ&TSG Discussions... 



        Kevin “Whiskey makes me Happy”  Finnegan  

        • Drums - Track 1 & 2 
        • Tin Whistle - Track  3 

        Graham “The Big G”  Tully  

        • Fretless Bass – All tracks 
        • Additional Percussion – All tracks 
        • Production – All tracks 

        Lorde Fuhl 

        • Vox - All Tracks 
        • Perpetual Dance Moves - All Tracks 

        David (Slostr Mc Elbow) Joyce [Nix Moon] 

        • Flute - Track 1 

        Mick Joyce 

        • Vox - All Tracks 
        • Piano - All Tracks 
        • Organ, Various Synths & “De Groovy Floppytron Synth” - All Tracks

        Our Latest Single!

        Miserable Versus Happy

        Mick Joyce and the Sonic Gypsies

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        Miserable Versus Happy

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        Gracefully capturing the bands psychedelic influences, "Miserable Versus Happy" is a rhythmically punchy and trippy-groover which tackles mental well-being head on . If you are looking for something a bit different, you've DEFINITELY come to the right place. That's an opinion Check it out and Decide for yourself.

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