Formed in 2010 by Dublin singer/songwriter/musician Mick Joyce, The Sonic Gypsies give voice to his muse both in a vibrant live setting and in the studio. 

The Current Gypsy line up incorporates a very unique 4-piece band with a character of it's own performing arrangements not only of the new release launched 02-12-17 "Wake up before the Light goes out" (produced by Graham Tully in Windmill Lane) but also other releases such as the album "The Bosphorus" (recorded both in Izmir Turkey & Dublin, produced by Aran O' Malley). 

MJ&SG have lots of live experience in many venues in Ireland such as The Spirit Store, Vicar Street, Whelan's, Fibber Magee's etc and were delighted to be crowned the winners of the Crystal Skull Sessions 2017 in Sin É Dublin. 

They've performed Vantastival, the Maritime Festivals and played live in Izmir/Istanbul (sponsored by Turkish airlines) with great plans to increase their live vibe activity in 2019.

It's a a very special band/creative force, so if you are looking for something  a bit different, "you've come to the right place.

Work on their follow-up EP for release in 2019 is at an advanced stage, with the Single "Miserable Vs Happy"  plus a VID  coming your way for download this July  , so watch this space. With very  strong songwriting/recording activities motoring along  and now a more active Live vibe happening 2019 should prove to be an exciting and as usual, creative time for sure.  Lots of New Material due and being honed & arranged @ their very own Creative Hub Zone in Ratoath,Co Meath where most of the magic happens. 

The best is yet to be... This is only the beginning ! 

The current line-up features: 

Mick Joyce -  Lead & Backing Vox / Piano / Acoustic Guitar / Basic Song Concepts 

Toy Ode -  Lead & Backing Vox/ Dance Moves/ Percussion /  Basic Song Concepts 

Graham Tully - Bass /  Effects / Production Director  

Kevin Finnegan - Drums/Percussion/Tin Whistle  

The band incorporate rhythm & groove, blended with humour & playfulness to bring a fresh and uplifting feel to their live performance, balanced against thoughtful original songwriting.”