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 how they came to be and their journey:

Formed in 2010 by Dublin singer/songwriter/musician Mick Joyce, the Sonic Gypsies give voice to his muse both in a vibrant live setting and in the studio.

The current Gypsy line-up incorporates a boisterous 4-piece band that exudes character akin to Talking Heads with the grooverock-flexibility of Zeppelin/Stevie Wonder with sprinklings of soul, pop, prog and ethnic elements.

Performing arrangements not only of their EP release Wake Up Before the Light Goes Out! launched 12/2017 (produced by Graham Tully in Windmill Lane), but also other releases such the album The Bosphorus recorded both in Izmir, Turkey & Dublin, Ireland (produced by Aran O' Malley).

MJ&SG have lots of live experience in many venues in Ireland such as The Spirit Store, Vicar Street, Whelan's, Fibber Magee's, Garageland Sessions etc. and they were delighted to be crowned the winners of the Crystal Skull Sessions 2017 in Sin É Dublin. 

They've performed Vantastival, the Maritime Festivals and played live in Izmir/Istanbul (sponsored by Turkish airlines) with great plans to increase their live vibe activity in 2019.

The current line-up features: 

Mick Joyce -  Lead & Backing Vox / Piano / Acoustic Guitar / Basic Song Concepts 

Toy Ode -  Lead & Backing Vox/ Dance Moves/ Percussion /  Basic Song Concepts 

Graham Tully - Bass /  Effects / Production Director  

Kevin Finnegan - Drums/Percussion/Tin Whistle  

The band incorporate rhythm & groove, blended with humour & playfulness to bring a fresh and uplifting feel to their live performance, balanced against thoughtful original songwriting.”

Miserable Versus Happy

A NEW single release!

Gracefully capturing the bands psychedelic influences, "Miserable Versus Happy" is a rythmically punchy and trippy groover which is sure enough to confuse as well as delight. Percussion leads a charging attack from Kevin Finnegan which paves the way for the vocal lines to soar high, compliments from the chef Mick Joyce and his joint lead Lord Fuhl/Toyin Ode.  

With a dash of floppy-driven synths and a large sprinkle of bass face for good measure courtesy of Graham Tully, "Miserable Versus Happy" is radically unique, frantic and exciting. If you are looking for something a bit different, you've DEFINITELY come to the right place. 

The music video is now out on YouTube & Facebook sites and the single is available for download directly on our site as well as streamable from all good music sites!